Oral & Periodontal Surgery – Sugar Land, TX

Keeping the Foundation of Your Smile Healthy

At My Smyle Dental, we have a periodontist and oral surgeon on our team, allowing us to offer a variety of specialized dental treatment in-office, like dental implant placement, preparatory procedures like bone grafts, and surgical extractions. That way, no matter what oral health issues you’re facing in your life, you can trust that our experienced team can help you overcome them.

Why Choose My Smyle Dental for Oral & Periodontal Surgery?

  • Experienced Periodontist on Staff
  • Skilled Oral Surgeon on Staff
  • We Accept Dental Insurance

Tooth Extractions

Keeping your natural teeth for the rest of your life is of course ideal, but it might not be an option after severe decay or an accident that has destroyed more structure than can be restored. We will employ a local anesthetic and a light touch to remove any teeth that are beyond salvaging. We’re able to place dental implants and offer traditional bridges and dentures, so your missing tooth can be replaced in a timely manner after removal.

Learn About Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

When it’s time for your wisdom teeth to come in, you might start to experience significant pain near the back of your mouth. This is because the wisdom teeth often don’t have the room they need to erupt, causing them to become impacted. A problematic wisdom tooth should be removed as soon as possible before it causes any irreversible damage, and we can handle this procedure in-house without having to refer you to a separate specialist.

Osseous Surgery 

Also called pocket reduction surgery, this procedure is designed to get rid of the bacteria living in your periodontal pockets. First, a small incision is made in the gums so that the tissue can be folded back. The underlying bacteria is removed, and the areas where the bone has been damaged are smoothed down. Sometimes bone grafts are performed along with osseous surgery if the damage to the bone has been severe. Afterwards, the gums are sewn back.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a procedure that involves adding extra bone tissue between the upper jaw and the maxillary sinuses. This may be necessary if gum tissue has already destroyed some of the bone in this area. In addition to replenishing bone that was lost, this also moves the sinuses further away if they were too close to the jaw. You can consider a sinus lift to be a specific type of bone graft that is performed if the damage from gum disease has affected a particular part of your mouth. 

Bone Graft

A bone grafting procedure involves transplanting bone tissue from one part of your body to another in order to repair any damage that has occurred. This procedure is often necessary after gum disease has reached its advanced stages and has started to destroy the underlying bone tissue. Once the new tissue is in place, it will gradually join with the surrounding bone and encourage the body to create new tissue, thus repairing the damage that has already been done.

Gum Graft

The gumline often recedes because of gum disease. To raise it back to a healthier and more attractive level, a gum graft can be performed. Simply put, a small amount of tissue is used to cover the parts of your tooth that have been exposed. There are multiple kinds of gum graft procedures. The most common is a connective tissue graft, which involves taking a small amount of tissue from the roof of your mouth and stitching it to the tooth after extraction.